Everyone is welcome, at Heart of Champions Boxing.  From the young to the old, from the basic beginner just starting out, all the way up to the advanced boxer preparing for a fight.

Beginners will start off as a novice and at your capable fit level.  You will train through the ranks learning the same drills as those of a Pro Boxer; learning over 150 drills.  When the time comes, be prepared to glove up and hit the bag hard.

There are many of you out there like I’m that are seriously into boxing and probably would like to test the waters but you carry that one thought that keeps you from jumping into that square circle. You more than likely are wandering if you have the heart for it. Well I am here to tell you that of course you do. As a matter of fact you have always had it.


Have you ever felt like you had more to prove to others, rather than to yourself for some reason or another?

Well if you ever have, it is an understandable feeling for the most part.  I believe; rather we want to accept it or not, we all felt this way at some point or another in our life. Please trust me when I say it is nothing really to be ashamed of; as I said we ALL have felt this way at some point in our lives.

So believe me when I say it’s pretty much a normal thing. It may not be the most constructive thing, but it’s generally a normal human trait.  So whether you have or you have not yet you can be certain that the next time, you can honestly prove whatever the task may be to yourself first of all.  And when you do also be sure that it is for the good of you, and not for someone else.  And it’s simply because there is no reward for YOU if you don't start with YOU first.