REgistration & Rates

Adults - $120.00 / Children - $100.00

Includes: head gear, one set of hand wraps & standard official boxing gloves.

Please call for rates as they are subject to change, and vary depending on the program type that you are registering for.



$40.00 - 1 Session - 1 Hour Training

After the (T.O.P), if you decide that the training program is good for you or your young boxer, it’s up to you to call and let us know you wish to continue. We will not call you after (T.O.P) to pressure you to join. It is entirely up to you. If you do choose to join us, the (T.O.P) fee will go towards your registration fee.

* If you need to cancel a session for some reason or another, Do not worry, you will be able to make it up.

Please call in advance for non-attendance