Amatuer Boxing Program

Beginners will start off at your capable fit level.  You will train through the ranks learning the same drills as those of a Pro Boxer; learning over 150 drills. You will be at a certain stage of training each week. 

Your Level is based on:

Your cardiovascular training ability

Your mental aspect

Integrity of your heart

Your will TO LEARN how to box.

all program levels

Boxing is about self development.  It will take hard work in the gym and outside the gym as well to be a well polished boxer.  It's going to take constant conditioning and a strong mental mind set.  It's going to require speed, power, timing and coordination.  The self discipline starts with you.  Don't miss any training.  You won’t be cheating anyone but YOUSELF!

The programs here at Heart of Champions boxing are for all levels of boxers male and female, from those interested in the fitness benefits, to those who want to pursue fighting competitively.  This is an exciting opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport boxing while enhancing your physical fitness, self confidence, self discipline and pride.  Students can also gain, a sense of well being, recognition and self responsibility.